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GWAS Catalog web search - new release! 12 July 2023 By GWAS Catalog team

New GWAS web search interface

We are excited to announce the full production release of the new GWAS Catalog web search interface.

The biggest change we have made is to increase the loading speed of pages, to account for recent increases in data volume and ensure we are robust for future growth. Check out a high-level query like “cancer” for maximum effect!


We’ve also main some small changes to the layout of the data pages, with tabs for the different data facets (i.e. associations, studies, visualisations), so you don’t need to scroll to find your data of interest:


Interested to find studies with full genomewide summary statistics available for download? They now have their own tab, making it easier to see when summary statistics are available:


Interested to find the study with the biggest sample size for your trait of interest? Just use the sort option on the Discovery sample number columnn, which now sorts by the total number of samples in the Discovery stage, irrespective of ancestry groups:


Hope you enjoy using the new features! Please report any bugs to or via GitHub

Lastly, watch this space for the next generation of the GWAS Diagram - we're working on it!